THE Unique

Murmeration Arm Dance

The creator and choreographer of Murmuration, Sadeck Waff previously had another one of his group’s audition in Season 13 called Géométrie Variable where they were eliminated in the audition round. Géométrie Variable later went on to be finalists on the fourth season of World of Dance. Murmuration previously auditioned for France’s Got Talent in 2021 under the name “Sadeck and Mega Unity” with Sadeck leading the group where they received the Golden Buzzer from judge Sugar Sammy and finished as the runner ups of the competition. Murmuration won the eighth season of Tu Si Que Vales in 2021 under the name Géométrie Variable. Maillot Jibril filled in for Sadeck on AGT since Sadeck was sick, Jibril did not compete with Géométrie Variable on Season 13 but did appear with them on Season 4 of World of Dance.

Avantgardey Dance

Avantgardey is a talented and dedicated all-female Japanese dance team led by the renowned producer and choreographer, Akane. Their distinctive style, characterized by synchronized dance moves and funny expressions, has earned them a massive following after their performance with DJ Steve Aoki in January 2023. With over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, they have gained widespread recognition.

 Avantgardey's journey in the entertainment industry includes reaching the finals in the first season of Japan's Got Talent, showcasing their talent and determination. Additionally, their participation in the 2022 and 2023 editions of the Japanese dance competition The Dance Day, where they reached the finals both times, further demonstrates their skill and consistency.

 Now, with their eyes set on a global stage, they are competing on "America's Got Talent" with the goal of sharing their Japanese soul and unique dance style with the world. Their aspiration is not only to win the competition but also to secure their own Las Vegas show, showcasing their talent on an even larger scale. With their track record and dedication, Avantgardey undoubtedly has the potential to make a significant impact in the international entertainment scene.