DJT Strolling Magic and Stage Magic

Strolling or Close-up Magic

DLT’s strolling close-up magic and mind reading are a playful assault on the senses. His magic is fun and focuses on the spectators.

Jim Makes sure the magic happens in the audience’s very own hands done with items he has borrowed like a dollar bill, coin, a ring or their cell phone. Or happens in their minds when he reveals personal details about them.

Whether its for 30 people or a crowd of 300, DJT’s strolling works great as most events. DJT approaches each group and gives them their own private show. Most have never seen great close-up magic only inches away. DJT’ mission is to leave them gobsmacked and wanting more.


Stand-up or Stage Magic

For small gathering’s, a stand-up show brings the group together as a whole. Your guests get to witness their love-ones or colleagues astonished faces and feel the sense of wonderment as the magic unfolds.

DJT”s stage show uses effects that are interactive and play big, but still feel intimae.

All shows are corporate or family friendly and doesn’t use big boxes. Besides props aren’t magic, He is! DJT is a seasoned performer who’s been in the business since 1986. He typically tailors each stage show for the audience attending.

Jerry Guyer - Magician

Jerry Guyer is a highly skilled and experienced magician and comedian based in Dallas, Texas. With a career spanning several decades, he has become a beloved entertainer in the Dallas area and beyond. Known for his quick wit, sense of humor, and engaging personality, Jerry specializes in close-up magic for trade shows and hospitality suites, as well as stand-up comedy magic shows for corporate events and private parties.

His impressive performances at local landmarks like Southfork Ranch and Six Flags Over Texas, as well as events for prominent organizations such as the Texas Cattleman's Association, EDS, and Texas Instruments, have made him a popular choice for entertainment. Jerry's ability to captivate audiences with his unique style and professionalism has earned him a strong reputation among fellow magicians and event planners.

Whether he is making a signed, selected card appear in a sealed envelope in his wallet, or restoring a torn newspaper, Jerry has the professionalism, experience and ability to entertain you. Because of his great success in entertaining, others have tried to copy his unique style, but there's only one, original, Jerry Guyer!